hyperfox – tool to proxify and record HTTP/HTTPs traffic

Network security assessment tools are important to verify what type of vulnerabilities exist. if you are looking to pentest any connected network you can consider Hyperfox. Hyperfox is a tool that allow user to record and proxy communication on the local area network.

hyperfox-diagramHyperfox diagram

Hyperfox will forge the SSL certificate to intercept HTTPS traffic and will store the data in SQLlite database with a web interface for displaying the information. some of the features are:

  • Hack on networks and devices on which you have the proper permissions to examine.
  • Publicly demonstrate the inconvenience of the Trusted Third Party system to create conscience on friends and coworkers.
  • Discover what are closed source applications doing with your private information.
  • Decide which closed source applications are safe to use on public networks.
  • Protect yourself.
  • Learn.

You can read more and download the tool over this link: https://github.com/xiam/hyperfox

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