HttpWatch Integrated WEB Sniffer

HTTPWatch is an advanced tool for analyzing traffic transmitted over web application, the tool integrates add-on for different web browsers to monitor and sniff network traffic.  After installing the tool you will have the following tabs:

  • Overview here you will find useful information about all action performed when visiting the website including GET/POST.
  • Time Chart will display time required to reach the website.
  • Headers tab will show header sent to and received from the webserver
  • Cookies will find you cookies used by the request
  • Cache display URL entry in cache browser
  • Content will find any content received in the HTTP response.
  • Stream tab display raw data streams sent and received from the website.

The current version is HTTPWatch 7.2.21 and been updated on the 15th of November. You can have more details about it on the official website.

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