HTTPS Everywhere – Browser Extension to Encrypt the Web

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension introduced by The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to force secure HTTPS connection on all sites where it is possible. Even if a user tries to access an unprotected version, the extension will redirect him to the HTTPS version of the site if available.

HTTPS Everywhere - Browser Extension to Use Secure Connections
HTTPS Everywhere – Browser Extension to Use Secure Connections

Ideally every website on Internet should provide a secure version by default, but in reality this is not implemented. On many resources, a secure version is an option. It is for these situations that the extension is suitable so that you do not accidentally connect over HTTP non secure version.

Latest release of this tool include the following update:

  • #18417 EASE HTTP Once Exception
  • #18565 Add Private network IPs to exclusion for HTTPSE
  • #18153 Refactor code for the browser session storage
  • #18263 Revert icons back to previous state
  • #18452 Normlise disabled site hostname and migrate stored list
  • #18602 hsts-prune

HTTPS Everywhere can protect you only when you’re using sites that support HTTPS and for which the tool include a ruleset. If sites you use don’t support HTTPS, ask the site operators to add it.

You can read more and download this extension for your browser over here:

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