httprecon – Advanced Web Server Fingerprinting

The httprecon project is doing some research in the field of web server fingerprinting, also known as http fingerprinting. The goal is the highly accurate identification of given httpd implementations. This is very important within professional vulnerability analysis.

httprecon - advanced web server fingerprinting
httprecon – advanced web server fingerprinting

These are the main features of the current implementation of httprecon which makes this solution better than other tools of this kind:

  • Many test-cases: There are nine test-cases possible
  • HTTPS/SSL support: Secure web servers can be tested too
  • Advanced result analysis: Different methods for the analysis of results is provided
  • Many fingerprint details: The analysis is based on many fingerprint elements
  • Plaintext Database: The fingerprint data is saved in a file-based plaintext database
  • Fingerprint Wizard: Fingerprints can be saved and updated within the GUI
  • IDS evasion mechanism: The configuration settings allow to use IDS evasion mechanisms
  • Reporting: XML, HTML and TXT reporting is provided for professional testers
  • Autoupdate: An autoupdate feature informs about new releases
  • Open-source (GPLv3): Everyone can improve the application for themselves

The possibility of fingerprinting is not a vulnerability in a traditional way which allows to compromise a host. It is more a flaw or exposure which may provide the foundation for further enumeration and specific attack scenarios.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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