Htcap -Web Application Scanner

htcap is a web application scanner able to crawl single page application (SPA) recursively by intercepting ajax calls and DOM changes. Htcap is not just another vulnerability scanner since it’s focused on the crawling process and it’s aimed to detect and intercept ajax/fetch calls, websockets, jsonp ecc. It uses its own fuzzers plus a set of external tools to discover vulnerabilities and it’s designed to be a tool for both manual and automated penetration test of modern web applications.

Htcap -Web Application Scanner
Htcap -Web Application Scanner

The tool support three scan modes: passive, active and aggressive.
When in passive mode, attacker do not interacts with the page, this means that no events are triggered and only links are followed. In this mode attacker acts as a very basic web crawler that collects only the links found in the page (A tags). This simulates a user that just clicks on links.
The active mode behaves like the passive mode but it also triggers all discovered events. This simulates a user that interact with the page without filling input values.
The aggressive mode also fill input values and post forms. This simulates a user that performs as many actions as possible on the page.

Key features for this tool are:

  • Recursive DOM crawling engine
  • Discovers ajax/fetch/jsonp/websocket requests
  • Supports cookies, proxy, custom headers, http auth and more
  • Heuristic page deduplication engine based on text similarities
  • Scriptable login sequences
  • All findings are saved to sqlite database and can be exported to an interactive html report
  • The built-in fuzzers can detect SQL-Injection, XSS, Command Execution, File disclosure and many more
  • Can be easly interfaced with Sqlmap, Arachni, Wapiti, Burp and many other tools
  • Fuzzers are built on top of a fuzzing framework so they can be easly created/customized
  • Fuzzers fully support REST and SOAP payloads (json and xml)
  • Both crawler and fuzzers run in a mulithreaded environment
  • The report comes with advanced filtering capabilities and workflow tools

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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