How to Stop Windows Risk Minimizer

Windows Risk Minimizer is another fake antivirus that have been reported by S!Ri , as any fake antivirus the malware will start to display some fake alerts about finding new viruses and malwares to make users purchase a full online version of their product.

If you have been faced by a similar screen with thousands of infection notification do not follow any link and never pay for suspicious software, especially that this software’s will add nothing just steal your money and harm your system further.

Screenshot for the Windows Risk Minimizer (click to enlarge)

Fake antivirus are very common on internet as they are using a special way to increase the exposure of these links such as black hat SEO and more tricking stuff. Windows Risk Minimizer will directly boot with the system so in order to stop this malware you need first to boot in safe mode and run an antivirus scan with the latest update to remove it. Also after cleaning the machine you can make a system restore for a clean version before infection directly from the windows operating system.


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