How to Make Ewaste Part of Your Green Strategy to Protect the Environment and Your Company

Technologies are changing quickly and IT waste is piling up all over the country. Most companies are not clear on how to obtain proper asset disposal which is just as important as the acquisition of the assets. Luckily there are companies who specialize in taking over the chain of custody of IT equipment and will take care of your ewaste for you.

Government legislation also comes into play when talking about ewaste disposal. Companies need to be aware of the compliance laws as they apply to IT asset disposition. Although IT assets may have been transferred, that does not transfer the title of the IT assets. There is a specific chain of custody that must be followed from the time the equipment is acquired to the time it is disposed. Not only do companies need to comply with state and federal laws regarding the environment, they also need to consider the data security standards that surround appropriate asset disposal. Companies who have information stolen from disposed of IT equipment get into the news for all of the wrong reasons. In addition, old IT assets contain hazardous substances and need to be disposed of properly.

Companies need to keep in mind the risk involved whenever there is ewaste to dispose. Obviously companies are not allowed to randomly dump their IT assets into a landfill or dumpster. Not only does this violate environmental standards, it also makes the company liable for sensitive data to be stolen.  The ultimate act or irresponsibility is placing the corporation’s business or consumer data at risk.  Companies must have data removed or destroyed in a responsible manner, without jeopardizing the confidentiality of their data.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that even though there has been a transfer of custody, there is no transfer of liability. If companies are caught violating these strict standards they will definitely pay hefty fines and could even face jail time – not to mention that it will affect the company’s image.

So how are IT employees suppose to safeguard themselves? Especially when they have more important things to do than figure out how to get rid of equipment they don’t want.

It is actually very simple. Companies can protect themselves and their customers by using the services of a professional ewaste disposal vendor. A disposal vendor will be properly certified to dispose of the waste and make sure the environment is not harmed in any way. This will also help companies better understand and keep track of the chain of custody involved with IT assets. They will easily have access to the documentation needed to prove that they have complied with state and federal regulations.

Companies will also have the satisfaction of knowing they are doing their part to protect the environment. When working with a disposal vendor, the company will not have to worry about IT assets being disposed of improperly and contaminating the environment. This will also give their customers peace of mind. Asset disposal companies are trained in the correct methods to get rid of old IT equipment appropriately.

Many disposal vendors will provide:

  • IT inventory control that goes from the beginning of the shipment to the final disposal
  • Licensed and bonded carriers to transport disk drives directly
  • Verification that disk drives have been tested and assigned a tracking number
  • Company identification and label removal
  • Proper erasing of data in accordance to U.S Department of Defense 52220.22M standards
  • A COE or Certificate of Erasure as well as a COD or Certificate of Destruction
  • Quality control check ups
  • Audit trail of documentation
  • Cash for remarketed used equipment

In the past, companies did not think much about asset disposal or protecting the environment. It has only been in the past few years that legislation has been passed to protect not only the environment, but consumers’ private information as well. No company wants to risk criminal prosecution, large fines, or ruining the image of their company because of improper asset disposal. Waste disposal vendors like Pyramid Technology Services, will help companies retain residual value, promote sustainability, reduce downtime, protect the company’s brand, and manage risk.

Author bio:
Joel Nimar is the President of Pyramid Technology Services, which provides best-in-class IT asset disposition services to its customers worldwide and instills a confidence that decommissioned assets are managed securely and responsibly.


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It’s quite informative, thanks for sharing.