How to get access to Facebook Private Accounts

Facebook is now one of the first used social network website, many interested in the way to have access to user’s pictures and information. For this purposes you can use an interesting Egyptian project called fbpwn.

Fbpwn is a cross-platform Java based Facebook social engineering framework that you can use for send invitation for any account you just need to select user id, next when victim just accept the invitation it will start to download user profile information , users pictures account so it will do the following:

  1. Dump friend list
  2. Add all victim friends
  3. Dump all users album pictures
  4. Dump profile information
  5. Dump photos ( this mean profile pictures)
  6. Check friends request
  7. Dump victim wall (here including poke)
  8. Clone the profiles

The project is very interesting and you can use it in your social network awareness program :

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