How Safe is the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be called one of the most popular browsers used by people all across the world. The main reason for using Chrome is the ‘Incognito’ mode that allows private browsing to the users. Through this mode, the users can browse through the internet without leaving behind any history. Incognito mode deletes any history of the pages that you visited as well as the cookies that have been created during the browsing as soon as you close the window.

Incognito Mode is for private browsing only. You can rest assured that when you cross the window out, Chrome will not keep any files or cookies associated with the browsing on your computer. However, if you are at work and using the incognito mode to access pages that are not permitted, your activity can still be traced and your bosses will know exactly what pages you are looking at. Therefore, when we talk about safe browsing, we may mean different things. The other thing to take into account is that the incognito mode does not work that efficiently when we are signed into the Google account or the Google Cloud service.

Many people are using the incognito mode just because they believe that it is more private and secure. While incognito allows you to secretly browse the internet without leaving any traces behind, however, it would not be correct to call it entirely secure browsing. Google Chrome may prevent Chrome from logging in your browsing record but it cannot stop the router, your operating system or the websites too from logging the fact that you visited that website. Incognito mode does not hide your IP address which means that your location, your browser, operating system as well as your own address is not hidden by using Google chrome in this mode.

The only positive side of using the incognito mode offered by Google Chrome is that your history is not visible. However, that is only on the browser and it does not defend you from any breach or any rundown of various types of security threats. The only way to make sure that your browsing is secure over the internet is by using Virtual Private Network or VPN.

A VPN makes sure that all the information that passes between your device and the network is subjected to extreme encryption. This is the only way that does not keep any record of your download or web browsing history. VPN also protects disclosing your IP address to the outside sources.

In a nutshell, while incognito mode that has been so heavily advertised by Google Chrome is definitely private (at least in terms of browsing history and cookies), it is definitely not secure. When you open any pages that need sensitive information, you must treat the incognito mode as any other browser because it needs just as much precaution.

Google does not allow complete privacy in chrome as it needs to keep a track of our usage pattern so that they can develop search algorithms and they can target us for the advertising reasons. If you are looking for complete anonymity, changing a browser setting will not be enough. It will not be correct to call Incognito mode the ultimate stealth browsing experience. The ISP’s and third party websites are still able to save your data. It can only come in handy when you don’t want other people to know what you do on your computer if you are sharing your device.

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Syed Raza

If you where not doing anything wrong you don’t need to use incognito so why use it in the first place!!! Might as well get IP Blocker!!


This can protect your privacy and to not leave traces that can be used for malicious purposes.


At one time the night crew used our desks to eat dinner on and who knows if they used our computer. This way I’m securely logged out of everything (even though I try to make sure I do that) and no history is left behind. Also tattle tales in the office who arrive before me and who knows what they do. Sounds a little paranoid, but in today’s world you have to be.


Why have I never used this before?


Did you not read the article? It only protects your privacy from other people using the same device, like a spouse or kids or coworkers. It does nothing to prevent websites or hackers from getting your data.


I use it to read more than 10 articles on the NYT a month, or to visit sites that won’t let you use them without an ad blocker installed.