Hostintel – Tool to Collect Host Intelligence

Hostintel is a tool that you can use to collect intelligence  and information about a host, IP or a domain. This tool will be useful to get you the reputation of the target and investigate if the host/IP listed by a threat feed to be malicious or hosting malwares.

Hosts are identified by FQDN host name, Domain, or IP address. This tool only supports IPv4 at the moment. The output is in CSV format and sent to STDOUT so the data can be saved or piped into another program. Since the output is in CSV format, spreadsheets such as Excel or database systems will easily be able to import the data.

Hostintel - Tool to Collect Host Intelligence

Hostintel – Tool to Collect Host Intelligence

You will be required to update the configuration file and add API for different online threat services before running the search. user may add any intelligence source required while at the moment the tool support the following:

  • DNS Lookup.
  • VirusTotal Lookup.
  • PassiveTotal Lookup.
  • Shodan Lookup.
  • Censys Lookup.
  • ThreatCrowd Lookup.
  • OTX by AlienVault Lookup.
  • Internet Storm Center DShield Lookup.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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