HookME 0.2 – API Spying Tool

Hooking API calls on operating system allows to intercept useful information, new release of HookMe have been issued to add more stability to the application , a way to choose what API functions to hook and some fixes to the program.

HookMe provides a nice graphic user interface allowing you to change the packet content in real time, dropping or forwarding the packet. It also has a python system plugin to extend the HookMe functionality.

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 HookME application interface (click to enlarge)

the tool can be a perfectly used in penetration testing for analyzing and modifying network protocols, creating some type of malwares or backdoors for PoC embebed into network protocols. hooking the API calls for sending and receiving network data (even SSL clear data). or to investigate any rootkit that is hooking API calls. you can download the latest version of HookMe over this link: https://code.google.com/p/hookme/

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