Hook Analyser 2.5 Malware Analysis tool

Hook Analyser is another tool that you can use for reversing applications and analyzing malicious program. The tool allows investigator to launch and capture applications, hook specific process that you find suspicious, conduct a static analysis for malwares and extracting executable from a running process.

Hook Analyser has a three mode for monitoring applications:

  • Automatic mode where the tool will parse the application import tables, and based upon that will hook into specified APIs
  • Manual mode where the user will select the API he needs to analyze.
  • ¬†Smart where the tool will keeps only interesting API hooked while exclude non essential ones.

HookAnalyser2Screenshot for Hook Analyser (Click to enlarge)

The tool can be used also to debug application that crashes to identify the root cause for the failure. You can download the latest release at the official blog: Hook Analyser 2.5

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