Honeymail Keeps your Email Privacy Safe

Today many website are using email database illegally, for example they will provide the list of subscribers to a third party for advertising and at this point victim will get hundreds of spams daily, I have just discovered a new project called honeymail that can solve this issue.

Honeymail will track all your email that you use to subscribe online and flag them if you receive message from untrusted sources, this will help you to avoid tracking each email you receive and allow honeymail to track violation of email privacy from 3rd parties.

To use the project you start by sending a request for creating new alias to create@my.honeymail.net (click to enlarge):

Next you will receive an email that include the address you will use for subscribing at any online resource so website owner will have just this one (XXX@joshua.honeymail.net) and not your personal one and this will be your alias address of course do not forget to activate the service.

The first email you receive will initiate the connection with the sender so you will have the following result for first email :

honeymail.net: Sender checks OK

Now you can send from another account and this message will be flagged with alert that the message is from another source as follows:

honeymail.net: Sender checks FAILED
Sender of this message is not the one we expected to see.
Expected to see sec@XXX.com but found 123@XXX.comShould this sender know this particular email address?!

I think that with today’s mass spamming activity it will be great to use this service to protect your email privacy and not allow any person to track your activity, here is a previous post on my blog about how a hacker managed to locate senders home address from a simple email.

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