Highlighter – Log and text file views

Mandiant Highlighter is a free utility designed primarily for security analysts and system administrators.

Highlighter provides a user with three views of the file being analyzed:

  • Text view that allows users to highlight interesting keywords and remove lines with “known good” content
  • Graphical, full-content view that shows all content and the full structure of the file, rendered as an image that is dynamically editable through the user interface
  • Histogram view that displays patterns in the file over time; usage patterns become visually apparent and provide the examiner with useful metadata that is not available in other text viewers/editors
Highlighter - Log and text file views

Highlighter – Log and text file views

If you are looking to investigate a large log files for web server this is going to be the good tool to make the forensics investigation as it very fast in displaying the data and will allow to make search by keyword to filter any required information. The latest release was in 2011.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://www.fireeye.com/services/freeware/

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