HIBPOfflineCheck – Keepass plugin to check passwords against haveibeenpwned

Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) is an excellent tool for checking leaked passwords. If you are using Keepass you can now use HIBPOfflineCheck to verify if the password you are using have been previously posted in one of the leaked password attack.

This Keepass plugin performs a secure offline check against the password file for any selected password entry. User will be able to get the status by double clicking on the plugin column, or use the right click menu to perform the same check for all selected passwords.

HIBPOfflineCheck – Keepass plugin to check passwords against the haveibeenpwned

Some of the features for this tool is:

  • Binary search in the large password file gives an instant result
  • The status (Pwned or Secure) is saved in the KeePass database and will be retrieved when reopening the app, and updated if the password entry changes
  • Each password is individually checked only on user request
  • Multiple passwords can be checked in bulk by using the right click menu (under “Selected Entries”)

HIBP is a free resource that will help to quickly find out if the selected password have been listed in an online account breach.

You can read more and download this plugin over here: https://github.com/mihaifm/HIBPOfflineCheck

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