Heybe – Penetration Testing Automation Toolkit

Heybe is Penetration Testing Automation Kit. It consists of modules that can be used to fully automate pen-tests and make them mode effective. With Heybe you can 0wn all systems in a target company in matter of minutes.

Heybe modules:

  • Fener: fast network discovery tool optimized for speed. Fener leverages several networking tools to discover all hosts within target network.
  • Kevgir : automatic vulnerability scan tool. Kevgir is an automated vulnerability scanning tool optimized for speed. With Kevgir, an entire internal network can be scanned for specific vulnerabilities within minutes.
  • Sees: high precision social engineering tool. Sees is used for performing tail-made social engineering campaigns with high success ratio.
  • Kacak: automatic domain admin takeover tool. Kacak is developed to discover target windows machines in network and take over entire Windows domain automatically.
  • Depdep: post exploitation tool. Depdep is a merciless sentinel which will seek sensitive files containing critical info leaking through your network
  • Cilingir: remote password cracker. Cilingir is a tool used to automate password / hash capturing and cracking process. Captured credentials are automatically sent to a remote password cracking server and cracked passwords are automatically stored in a local loot for usage during pen-test.
  • Levye : brute force tool. Levye is used for automating brute forcing process against common and not so common protocols like openvpn.

This toolkit was released during BlackHat conference for this year and you can download it over this link: https://github.com/heybe

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