Helpful Tips to Cure your PC from Malware

Malicious ware (a.k.a malware)

For someone who have used computer for a long time, it is impossible not to experience a virus attack in between that period. Similar to other viruses, computer viruses has a way of spreading throughout the cyber internet and duplicate each other. Virus whether a living thing or not can cause harm to us, people. How? Well, for the computer viruses for one are capable of deleting or holding op the files without any notice. What other people are not aware of is the fact that there is actually various kind of virus infection. Each virus infection has its special threat to users.

Virus and malwares like normal viruses has developers. However, it is not due to natural synthesis or creation but through web masters whose interest is to create mayhem in the cyber world as a way of proving that they can very well practice their craft. There are already a lot of viruses problems made by these web developers and have already cased million dollar of damage.

To learn more about viruses, here are a few lists for you:

Spyware – who thought that spies are only applicable in the real world? Yes, there are also spies in the virtual world and they are called, spyware. This virus can configure anything about your personal computer without you knowing.

Rogue security software– There is a couple of times when you bump over an alert that tells you that your computer is infected, and not just that. It also tells you to buy the antivirus its offering. But the truth is, you’re not infected and the software is just trying to get money from you. Nonetheless, I consider this to be the friendliest virus out there because at least it doesn’t crash your files – “at least”.

Worm – An unstable computer and internet connection is the usual problem caused by this virus. It is usually start to spread from an electronic mail attachment, and once open can immediately spread out computer problem to your computer. It will not show your personal file and would appear some unwanted pop-outs.

Trojan Horse – If you remembered your Greek literature, you’ll remember the Trojan horse that hid numerous soldiers as a disguise. This virus acts the same by hiding to other supposed legitimate files and spreads out unknowingly to the user.

How would you know that you are infected?

Here are some of the lists that will help you know if you need to treat your computer or not:

  • Continuous reboots
  • Constant pop-up errors
  • A slow running computer
  • Pop-up ads everywhere

Now that you’re already aware of the viruses and how it is acquired, here are some ways how you can finally get rid of it.

Removing virus from your PC:

Having the best software for removing PC virus is one of the great ways to protect you from getting these viruses. While there are a lot of computer viruses you that can be a pest to you, there is also a lot of friendly software that will protect and save you from these malicious wares.

If you fear that it might cost you a lot, don’t worry because there are programs that are free for use. You can try different anti-virus from AVG, ESET and Microsoft Security Essentials, but the best for me so far is Immunet’s Anti Malware Program. It haven’t failed me yet to be truly honest.

Prevention is better than cure

You hear this lot right? Well, it’s true and the best way to do it is by

  1. Having a reliable software against viruses
  2. If you don’t need to go online, don’t
  3. Constantly update your PC programs
  4. Open reliable email trails

Don’t let yourself be fooled by malicious ware, so start protecting you now. If you have other helpful tips, maybe you can share it with the rest of the netizens. J

Author Bio

James has been associated with the IT industry for the past 5 years. He is working as a tech support specialist in NYC. Besides system troubleshooting, he loves to write articles related to computer security and educates people about cloud antivirus softwares in order to keep their PC safe from malware and viruses.

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