Halloween scams hit Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Free Halloween products is what scammers using to trick more victims to their malicious campaign, TrenMicro alerting about more scams that are posted on social network platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The first scam is on YouTube where if you search for “Halloween GET FREE” you will be directed to a suspicious YouTube video. The video is posted on October 6 and include a link that leads to scammer’s website. The webpage is well prepared and asks to get victims personal information if they want to have the claimed product.

halloween-youtube1YouTube video Screenshot by TrendMicro

The second case is searching twitter for “FREE Halloween Candy.” The result will lead to accounts advertising websites that include survey scams. Facebook users are also targeted on the Halloween scams. There is a facebook pages that are advertising the free Halloween candy. The pages are leading to survey websites that claim by completing the survey victims will be gifted Apple products.

halloween-twitter11Twitter Accounts Twitting the link to Halloween scam

To protect yourself on social networks make sure to use updated web browser with integrated security software that will identify/verify any suspicious link, never open a url that is not from someone you know, be sure that you have the latest security software definition to protect yourself from malicious software’s, if the link is shortened use online resources such as http://www.longurlplease.com/ that you can integrate with your browser to find out the real URL posted.

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