Halcyon IDE – IDE for Nmap Script Developers

Halcyon IDE lets you quickly and easily develop Nmap scripts for performing advanced scans on applications and infrastructures with a range from recon to exploitation capabilities. It is the first IDE released exclusively for Nmap script development. Halcyon IDE is free and open source project (always will be) to provide an easier development interface to rapidly growing information security community around the world.

Halcyon IDE - IDE for Nmap Script Developers
Halcyon IDE – IDE for Nmap Script Developers

The tool was initially started as an evening free time “coffee shop” project and has taken a serious step for its developer/contributors to spend dedicated time for its improvements very actively. Visit contribute page to see how you can join us to help the project’s future improvements.

Currently the tool supporting the following features:

  • An IDE is certainly much more than normal text editor. Halcyon IDE provides a beautiful user interface that can highlights source code syntactically and semantically and makes it easier for faster development.
  • Systematically arranged Nmap side panel is simpler and easier way for developers to interact with file structure and customize depending on script requirements.
  • Scanning options such as script arguments, packet tracking and other debugging settings can be configurable from within the IDE to optimize repeated test runs.
  • This tool lets you run the scripts and make sure the code is bug free before exporting into Nmap data directories.
  • Post development actions such as exporting bug-free scripts into Nmap data directory and updating Nmap database as simple as single click from the user interface.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://halcyon-ide.org/

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