Hacking Cocktail for the Halloween!

Cybercriminals are not leaving any chance or event without trying to gain more illegal incomes or distribute their Malware. Here there are some cases of Internet scam and other mail tricks are detected by viruslist regarding the Halloween. Cheap software:


Emails not from legitimate sources for advertising costumes and personalized gifts:


E-cards for the Halloween:


Another case which is unusual that this site provides a browser utility you need to install on your browser to send a wishing card, if the victim in US, Canada or other countries than the spammer will be paid by the toolbar developer, here the toolbar can be any kind of malicious code which can be used to take control over the pc:


If the victim is coming from Russian IP he will be redirected to a lottery site:


This is actually fully expected, Hackers are always optimizing thier website links by spam’s and website redirection accompanied with text intended to attract interest. These kinds of attack are intended to spread malicious software or gain more illegal money or to have more personal credentials. Happy Halloween!

Screen shot sources from Viruslist website.

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