Hackers Target Internet Forum Database

A popular Irish discussion forum, Boards.ie has been today forced to change all users’ passwords this is due to a security breach where hackers compromised a part of users database on the server.

Tom Murphy one of the portal founders has made an official statement that the site is “regularly the target for disruption and take continual actions to proactively protect data”.

During this attack hackers have gained access to part of the main Database server that stores usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords for registered users. So as a security measure they started to change all users’ login and password and recommend all subscribers to not use the same accounts credentials on other websites to prevent any identity theft.

The site started life as a forum for the computer game Quake in 1998 and has more than 500 forums on a range of topics.

According to the most recent ABC internet traffic statistics in November, Boards.ie had more than 20m page views, averaging more than 1.1m page views a day.

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