Hackers are more Attracted by ATM

atmYesterday ENISA the European Network and Information Security Agency have released a report called ATM crime.This report aims to provide an overview of the European situation and ways to avoid ATM crime.

According to the report last year there were an increase in the number of ATM attacks by 149% while there were 10 302 skimming case, this is when the card stripe details and PIN are captured at the ATM. But the biggest threat is the rise of network attacks which used by banks to communicate between terminals and offices.

Well I think that the most interesting in this report is the Golden rules to reduce ATM crime, this part provides tips about how to choose a safe ATM machine, how to observe your physical surrounding, how to observe the machine itself and of course reporting any suspicious activity to prevent more victims on these types of attack.

This report can raise the understanding level of crimes related to banking sector and demonstrate how the ATM system is easily vulnerable to hackers especially that this can have a major impact on the customer confidence in the financial institution.

So take a look at the report and do not miss to apply the golden rules provided by ENISA.

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