Hacker steals 8K customer logins

Hackers managed to steal authentication credentials for more than eight thousand New York based bank customers. The incident happened after by passing Internet security measures for an online banking system server.

According to early this week press release, the attack on Suffolk County National Bank (SCNB) started on the 18th of November last year and spent about six days while IT team has been aware of the incident only on the 24th of December during an internal audit mission. As a result 8378 online accounts were compromised, this is approximately less than 10% of the total customers number.

Once the problem has been identified, they immediately took down the server to start the investigation. And the bank confirmed to the customers that there is no evidence for unauthorized accounts access or any suspicious activity.

The most interesting is that for the last quarter of the last year the bank invested about 351 thousand dollar to protect their system and this incident proved that this amount of money is not enough to secure customers.

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