Hacked to Pieces

Hacked to PiecesJolyon Jenkins investigates whether we have lost the war on cybercrime and looks at a new criminal economy which has grown to feed the demand for our most private details.

Jolyon finds that the security details of ordinary members of the public – their bank details, passwords, and secret security questions are being openly traded in cybercrime forums. He hands over his own laptop computer to an ‘ethical hacker’ and finds that it takes two minutes for its password to be cracked. Within a few more minutes, the hacker has installed a key-logging Trojan that secretly passes all his computer activity – passwords, emails and all – back to the hacker’s own computer.

He finds that we are all vulnerable to criminals who trade on our human weaknesses: our magpie-like obsession with gaudiness and trivia, and our willingness to click the OK button without thinking through the consequences.

Ever since the internet became mainstream, we have been hearing warnings about hackers, spammers and other renegades of the online world. The internet security business now threatens to overtake the Chinese army as the largest employer on earth. But what has this army of consultants achieved, apart from spending billions of dollars? Every year the situation gets steadily worse.

[Source: BBC]

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