GyoiThon – Penetration test tool using Machine Learning

GyoiThon is an Intelligence Gathering tool for Web Server. the tool execute remote access to target Web server and identifies product operated on the server such as CMS, Web server software, Framework, Programming Language etc,. And, it can execute exploit modules to identified products using Metasploit. GyoiThon fully automatically execute above action.

GyoiThon – Penetration test tool using Machine Learning

The tool main features include the following:

  • Remote access/Fully automatic – user will be able to fully gather the information of target Web server using only remote access.
  • Non-destructive test – it is possible to gather information of target Web server using only normally access. while some of the options will send exploits as well. so this is controlled by the executor.
  • Gathering various information – various intelligence gathering engines such as Web crawler, Google Custom Search API, Censys, explorer of default contents, examination of cloud services etc,. Penetration tester will get useful information such as product/version/CVE number operated on the target web server, unnecessary html comments/debug messages, login page etc,.
  • Examination of real vulnerability – Executing and testing vulnerability with exploit modules.

Penetration tester may install the tool update the host text file with his target and select the required option. User will have the report generated in the destination folder.

You can read more and download the tool over here:

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