Graylog – Free and Open Source Log Management Platform

Graylog is an open source log management platform that will give users a big picture of what’s happening on the environment. This is essential to keep business up and running. Dashboards gives a clear visualizations of search query results for quick, high-level insights into issues. Then drill down for more detailed information to help identify key trends and take action.

Graylog - Free and Open Source Log Management Platform
Graylog – Free and Open Source Log Management Platform

The platform supports many input types out of the box. Currently supports the following:

  • Syslog (TCP, UDP, AMQP, Kafka)
  • GELF (TCP, UDP, AMQP, Kafka, HTTP)
  • AWS (AWS Logs, FlowLogs, CloudTrail)
  • Beats/Logstash
  • CEF (TCP, UDP, AMQP, Kafka)
  • JSON Path from HTTP API
  • Netflow (UDP)
  • Plain/Raw Text (TCP, UDP, AMQP, Kafka)

Graylog supports a wide variety of widgets that let you quickly visualize data from your logs. Adding search result information is easy and quick. Once you add widgets to the dashboard, you can rearrange and configure those widgets to customize the look.

Advanced data aggregation allows you to combine different types of data in a single chart so you can perform multiple aggregations on the same field and/or present different types of aggregations on different fields in the same chart. This enables a pivot table-like experience.

You can also add widgets from stream search results. Every widget you add this way will always be bound to streams. There are several methods to run the platform:

  • Virtual Machine Appliances
  • Operating System Packages
    • Ubuntu installation
    • Debian installation
    • CentOS installation
    • SLES installation
  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Manual Setup

You can read more and download this platform over here:

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