Grand Theft Auto V Used by Scammers

Security researchers at TrendMicro alerting of new cyber attack that is using Rockstar Game (Grand Theft Auto V).  the game is still running on  special consoles while many users are expecting to have a new version that can used on standard Computers. Here cybercriminals  have prepared a spam message claims to provide the required version.

03122014_spamsampleScreenshot for the spam message

The spam message invites user to be as a beta tester and include a link to phishing website. The attack is combined because beside the malicious link cybercriminals are attaching a zipped file named as promo code in app while this is a malware that is detected as BKDR_ANDROM.ATG a Trojan used to infect and collect personal information.

If you receive a similar spam message don’t click on the HTML links and directly delete the email. Make sure to run a security software scan on any email you receive to be sure that they are safe from malicious content.

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