Google search contain millions of compromised Webpages

Search-Engine-MarketingNowadays some fake companies forced Google and other search engines to list millions of compromised website in their web search results. These links lead to infected websites that can damage computer system and theft of sensitive information.

This kind of attack aims to redirect the victims to download fake copies of popular programs. For example if you search “cheap vista for student” you can find about 19 million pages and among them some URL for which is not a trusted source for windows operating system to download.

Another phishing attack that has been very popular and now is back is ASProx botnet. Many vulnerable IIS can allow hackers to inject malicious javascript link to Microsoft SQL server so on the search engine if you look for used corvette parts it brings you site which spreads a dangerous malicious file in the Adobe flash player.

This kind of attack can allow hackers to take control on millions of machine, to build zombies network that is instructed remotely or to get some sensitive information like bank credentials….

So be very careful with the links in your emails or on search engine and do not click unless you are sure from the source.

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