Google Plug-in Boost IE speed 10 Times

Google_ChromeA New test has been conducted by Computerworld researchers concluded that Chrome Frame plug-in improves JavaScript performance 9.6 times in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). During the test it was used Sunspider Javascript for three times to show the speed improvement in Microsoft Internet browser.

This plug-in is already embedded in Google chrome while on last Tuesday they added the support of Internet explorer, This adds an extra speed and support to several standards like HTML 5.

Google has been focusing over the last years in providing a clear and highly effective solution for the online working application, so this plug-in can help IE users to work on online application such as Google Wave and others with the same performance like on Google chrome.

Chrome Frame is available now for IE6, 7 and IE8, running under Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system, So get your copy now It’s free and installs in a few seconds..

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