Google fixes 3 security vulnerabilities in Chrome

GoogleGoogle has released a number of patches fixing vulnerabilities in Google chrome browser, the impact of these vulnerabilities can allow an attacker to remotely run arbitrary code over the victim’s computer.

Among the vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the version Chrome, there are two vulnerabilities with a high severity level and one with a moderate level, you can find more details on the Google manual.

The first bug (CVE-2009-2935) unauthorized memory read from Javascript. A flaw in the V8 Javascript engine might allow specially-crafted Javascript on a web page to read unauthorized memory, bypassing security checks. It is possible that this could lead to disclosing unauthorized data to an attacker or allow an attacker to run arbitrary code.

Another bug (CVE-2009-2416) multiple use-after-free vulnerabilities in libxml2 .Pages using XML can cause a Google Chrome tab process to crash. A malicious XML payload may be able to trigger a use-after-free condition. Other tabs are unaffected.

So check your Google Chrome version if you do not find it the it can take you just a few seconds to update.

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Google fixes 3 security vulnerabilities in Chrome (via @sectechno) #security #vulnerabilities #patches


New Blog Post: Google fixes 3 security vulnerabilities in Chrome