Google Chrome 7 Final Release

Final version of Google Chrome has been issued with the support of HTML5 and site blocking improvement. The Seventh version of Google chrome introduced new innovations and fixes hundreds of vulnerabilities. 11 security vulnerabilities in the WebKit-based browser, one critical and five high-risk issues.

Google says that the critical issue can cause the browser to crash due to an issue with form autofill. The high-risk bugs range from other form related crashes, to URL spoofing, memory corruption and elements issues. The fifth high-risk problem reportedly causes the sandbox worker processes to fail on Linux systems.some previous bugs.

Now Chrome supports AppleScript a language allows you to create small scripts that may be running on Mac OS X. Currently chrome is the fourth largest browser at the market and is actively increasing its popularity.

Chrome 7.0.517.41 is available to download for all platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Users who already have Chrome installed can use the built-in update function by clicking Tools, selecting About Google Chrome and clicking the Update button.

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