Goodbye Milw0rm!

milw0rmI know this may seem like a lot to do, but let’s face it,, has ceased to operate. ‘str0ke’ explained on his short add that this is simply due to a lack of time nothing else without a real clarification on that.

From milw0rm:

Well, this is my goodbye header for milw0rm. I wish I had the time I did in the past to post exploits, I just don’t 🙁 . For the past 3 months I have actually done a pretty crappy job of getting peoples work out fast enough to be proud of, 0 to 72 hours (taking off weekends) isn’t fair to the authors on this site. I appreciate and thank everyone for their support in the past.
Be safe, /str0ke

Now the question is who will fill the gap? currently the only possible alternative to Milw0rm is The Packet Storm portal and the Bugtraq resources. So just do not stop pentesting your applications and verifying all bugs.

Update : Milw0rm exploit portal resumes normal service

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