Gokey – simple vaultless password manager in Go

Today there are a numerous online resources and each of them will need to have a different login and password. If you are using any resource there should be a password policy that will mandate changing your password within a predefined period. This makes memorizing passwords is impossible and storing them in clear may put the information at risk. If you need to have a password vault-less manager you can try gokey.

gokey is a password manager, which does not require a password vault. Instead of storing your passwords in a vault it derives your password on the fly from your master password and supplied realm string (for example, resource URL). This way you do not have to manage, backup or sync your password vault (or trust its management to a third party) as your passwords are available immediately anywhere.

Gokey - simple vaultless password manager in Go

Gokey – simple vaultless password manager in Go

Supported password/key types:

  • pass – default, generates a password
  • seed – generates a seed file, which can be used with -s option later
  • raw – generates 32 random bytes (can be used as a symmetric key)
  • ec256 – generates ECC P-256 private key
  • ec521 – generates ECC P-521 private key
  • rsa2048 – generates 2048-bit RSA private key
  • rsa4096 – generates 4096-bit RSA private key
  • x25519 – generates x25519 (also known as curve25519) ECC private key
  • ed25519 – generates ed25519 ECC private key

Gokey may generate password for any resource and with one command you will have the same password anytime needed. Generated password will be complex with 10 character.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/cloudflare/

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