GHOST Secure, Anonymous Calling Service

Today we have several companies that provide online communication services such as skype, viber, whatsapp and more. The problem with all these systems that they do not guarantee the privacy of users and you will need to provide your personal information such as phone number to register a call.

New program have been recently released that come to resolve this issue which is called Ghost. Ghost is a similar free program that you can use to make calls with the required security measure. the solution is making calls over ZRTP – an encrypted protocol specially designed for VoIP traffic and released in 2006.

ZRTP uses Diffie-Hellman keys for connectionless SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol). Key negotiation takes place in the same RTP thread, which is set for the audio/video connections without using a separate communication channel.

Ghost Call

All calls are registered to anonymous phone numbers and they are transmitted over proxy or Tor network to make it hard for tracking source IP. Next user can perform the call to another Ghost number. The application is supported on almost all platform including iPhone, Android, Mac, Linux and windows. You can create any number of account without provide any personal information.

You can read more and register your account on

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