GFI Webmonitor Gateway with Multi-layered Security

System administrator’s main focus is protecting corporate information resources, one of major source of threats is Internet and we need to be very careful in dealing with unreliable access to Web resources, if we talk about security professionals than we usually have no issue as they understand risks and different online threats while this is not the case with other professional.

Now in any company we need a system to block malicious website, Identity theft and other threats for that we can consider GFI Webmonitor, Webmon installation is very simple all you need to do is following the wizard:

WebMonitor will next start to check local configuration to add all system information to the dashboard as follows:

Next you have 2 options the first is to redirect IM/web network traffic from the firewall to GFI WebMonitor server or configure local hosts browser and Instant messenger client  to use WebMonitor server as a proxy.

Now on the dashboard you will find the following pages:

  • Monitoring page display features of GFI WebMonitor in quick and real-time way.

  • Whitelist to specify the user, IP, or site that you want to exclude from security policies configured in GFI WebMonitor. it is also possible to make the list in a temp form thats mean for certain hours or permanent one.
  • Blacklist page to specify user, IP, or site that you always want to block, so under certain condition you want to block single website or domain you can add it here.
  • WebFilter edition page where you have 3 types of policies Web Filtering Policies, Web Browsing Policies and Streaming Media Policies for each there is a long list of multiple categories that allow you to block, allow or warn user about it, for example if you need to block hacking website you can block it so employees have no way to download hacking tools to your corperate network and use them. Other categories can be found including news, sports and much more. It is possible to notify administrator by email when website visited infringes this policy. Also it is possible to apply policy on a scheduled term so for example you can apply it only during work time or to create several policies according to Admin need.

  • WebSecurity Edition page here I have been really surprised, I never expected such a rich security features but it is a reality that GFI WebMonitor includes 3 different Antiviruses (BitDefender Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Norman Anti-Virus) what is very interesting that you have the full flexibility to configure a virus scanning policy. So for example you can scan zip files with the 3 AV or choose which one you want to use to scan zip files. Some malware researchers will ask to keep them out from the virus policy here you can select Warn and Allow to warn them on the malware and allow them use it. Anti-phishing functionality is also available as well to protect network users from phishing sites and ThreatTrack to Block access to known malicious websites based on ThreatTrack data.

Today many companies outsource security services according to a contract so for example you can find the gateway outsourced or on the ISP level and users on other place and here company will ask to keep their track and information secured. For a similar case or other GFI Webmonitor have the Anonymization of Personal Data  functionality where personal data collected by GFI WebMonitor will not be visible from within the product. This feature uses the four-eye principle. When enabled, two passwords will be created – and unless both passwords are re-entered the personal data cannot be viewed.

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