GFI Languard Real Solution for Corporate Security

Today it is hard to believe that a company do not allow internet access to its employee,  Internet access is required for sending emails and complete some complicated tasks, but on the other hand this open a window for attacking local system by hackers or malwares.

Being prepared and secured goes over having the latest security patches on all LAN systems, and this add the requirement for having new modern component that will help security administrators in following all hosts and servers.

Screenshot for GFI Languard dashboard (click to enlarge)

GFI Languard is one of the leading network security vulnerabilities and patch management solution that will help security managers get the latest statistics and vital information about all network component. Languard can provide you the following:

Patch Management

After scanning the network you will have a list of all discovered systems with information about application installed version, the Languard will make your patch tasks simple by only applying the required updates.

Here even if you have latest update for operating system many security reports are alerting about third party applications such as Adobe pdf reader, Firefox browser or even VoIP applications, and after installing most of these apps it is hard to find a software that will provide an automated update functionality, this makes Languard the first and best solution for automating those complicated tasks.

Network and software audits

Usually configurations on your local area network may change as there is a requirement, someone looking to open a certain port on the Firewall, other is looking to disable his antivirus for a predefined period.

After approving this operation you can use Languard to conduct a periodic audit on the network that will alert you about policy restriction and allow you to keep this approved action only for the predefined period. So for example after this audit you will find that there is an open port on the firewall, to have more constant visibility on your network and take action by blocking the port or keep it for next period.

Inventory assessment

Just as any company regardless of its size they have a yearly inventory to check that all devices are in place on your network. Here if you have a problem or a device not working you will be notified by Languard and you can at this point report the problem or make the required action.

Some companies have hundreds of hosts, servers, switches or devices. And this is going to be important if you find a problem in a real-time to act in a time record.

Vulnerability Assessment

Having a vulnerable system will allow any user to attack the local network, so Languard will check password security level, devices firmware versions, severs and applications version and if there is vulnerability an upgrade will be downloaded and a patch will be applied.

For passwords it will notify users and administrator about type of password used and as a result user can or admin will change it according to the predefined security policy.


Whether you have a small size network or a large one GFI Languard is important as providing internet to your employee, this will make your IT team more organized, not running across your company, and having the timely reaction to protect your local and wide area network. You can read our previous review for GFI Languard.


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