GFI Languard Complete LAN Security Scanner and Patch Management

Depending on organizations structure and IT Infrastructure, the process for deploying new patches on operating systems can be complex and take considerable time. GFI Languard automates and simplifies this process, to make the transition quickly, almost without interruption to the company.

Full installing or reinstalling any new update to software packages is like to repair a system. Employee must let the system support to come in place to verify and apply required patches this can take time from the worker during these tasks, and then move all your personal settings so that the user gets back to his work. Now this is for a single computer how about some hundreds of machines?

GFI Languard is a popular security product that provides any organization a complete picture of their network set-up, including risk analysis and maintaining security, compliant network state faster and more effectively.

Patch management

Patch, Patch and one more time patch as missing security patches are one of the main reasons for network security breaches.

GFI Languard will provide all your network users a way to update any operating system or software application they use, here by installing Languard it will start by scanning Local system or any selected network to provide full details for the scanned computers and also all autoremediations performed after that scan.


I have started testing the product on a virtual machine that have a Windows7 and missing some non-Microsoft updates so Languard detected the missing patches and classified the vulnerabilities according to its importance if you will check the report you will find description of software vendor and vulnerability and later GFI will start to apply required patches automatically.

Here you will always find information related to remediation actions performed on target computers and it is important to note that GFI will not perform exploitation of this vulnerability but it will just look and perform vulnerability assessment.

Network and software auditing

You can install Languard agents on all network computers to have a full visibility on missing patches, missing malware protections, missing host firewalls, unauthorized application installed and more.

Assets inventory

GFI LanGuard allows you to create an assets inventory of every device on your network; be they servers and workstations, virtual machines or IP-based hardware such as routers, printers, switches and so on.

Change management

You can create for each host a baseline configuration that enables you to compare the results of all scanned machines to a base computer. The result is grouped by computer name and amongst others includes information on registry, installed service packs, missing patches and vulnerability level.

Risk analysis and compliance

For meeting compliance GFI LanGuard provides numerous executive, technical and statistical reports that help you to understand what is happening on the network, to prioritize remediation operations efficiently and to prove, if required, that the network is secure.

You can have a trial version for testing GFI Languard and read more about all the product features on the official website.


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