Genact – A Nonsense Activity Generator

Pretend to be busy or waiting for your computer when you should actually be doing real work! Impress people with your insane multitasking skills. Just open a few instances of Genact and watch the show.

This tool has multiple scenes that pretend to be doing something exciting or useful when in reality nothing is happening at all.

Genact - A Nonsense Activity Generator
Genact – A Nonsense Activity Generator

You don’t have to install anything! For your convenience, prebuilt binaries for Linux, OSX and Windows. It’s compatible with FreeBSD, Linux, OSX, Windows 10 (it needs a recent Windows 10 to get ANSI support) and most modern web browsers that support WebAssembly.

In the web version, you can run specific modules by providing them as ?module parameters. Some of the modules are:

  • bootlog (Module that pretends to boot a system) ,
  • botnet (Module that pretends to run tasks remotely such as sending login information.. , Sending command..,Synchronizing clocks.
  • cargo (Module that pretends to run cargo to install rust packages.)
  • cc (Module that pretends to run a C compiler).
  • composer (Module that pretends to install composer packages.)
  • cryptomining (Module that pretends to mine a cryptocurrency.)
  • download (Module that pretends to download files)
  • docker (Module that pretends to delete Docker images)
  • memdump (Module that dumps some random memory locations in a slightly cool fashion.)
  • kernel_compile (Module that pretends to build a Linux kernel)
  • weblog (Module that pretends to tail a web server log.).

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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