fsmon – Tool to monitor filesystem on Mobile OS

There are many tools online that allows to analyze programs and application to find the file system changes performed during execution on windows operating system. Having this capability will make it possible to track file system changes or modification beside detect intrusion that affect the system with malicious processes.

Fsmon is an open source tool that you can use to monitor filesystem on mobile OS including iOS, OS X, Android, FirefoxOS and Linux. The tool retrieves file system events from a specific directory and shows them in colorful format or in JSON. It is possible to filter the events happening from a specific program name or process id (PID).

Some of the features are:

  • Output in JSON
  • Filter by process or appname
  • Follow children
  • Filter events of specific directory
  • Stop monitoring after N seconds
  • Copy (backup accessed files in another directory)

fsmon monitor filesystem on iOS / OS X / Android / FirefoxOS / Linux

you can download fsmon over the following link: https://github.com/nowsecure/

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