Free Netflix Accounts is just another scam

Netflix theme continue to be used by scammers for compromising users and attacking more victims. Today malwarebyte have reported several cases for spoofed websites that are still up to trick users and have their sensitive information. the first case reported by Christopher Boyd is a fake website that claims to provide “Netflix premium account” .

By clicking on the link victim will be redirected to a survey that invite to fill in an offer with his information. this will increase cyber criminal database and user will not get any premium account. the second case is another spoofed website with Netflix logo and allow user to order a movie that they want to watch.

Here user will be invited to answer several questions such as his region, language and finally he will end up to the download login details link but one more time it is another survey and here cyber criminal are linking several website to their survey to make victim just filling online docs for nothing.

Netflixscammers website sourced Malwarebyte

The third and final case is another fake website that promise to have a free account on Netflix. Obviously these are some of the tricks that are made by cybercriminal to generate income from surveys. Many online services are now similarly used for malicious purposes so user should be cautious for what resources he subscribe to and it is important to note that there is no free accounts but instead these are just a malicious websites that may infect users or take information that will be used by attackers.

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