Flashlight – Automated Information Gathering Tool

Pentesters spend too much time during information gathering phase. Flashlight (Fener) provides services to scan network/ports and gather information rapidly on target networks. This should be the choice to automate discovery step during a penetration test.

Flashlight - Automated Information Gathering Tool
Flashlight – Automated Information Gathering Tool

The application may perform 3 basic scan types and 1 analysis type.

  • Passive scan – In passive scan, no packets are sent into wire. This type of scan is used for listening network and analyzing packets. To launch a passive scan; a project name should be specified like “passive-pro-01”. In the following command, packets that are captured by eth0 are saved into “/root/Desktop/flashlight/output/passive-project-01/pcap” directory, whereas, Pcap files and all logs are saved into “/root/Desktop/log” directory.
  • Active scan – During an active scan, NMAP scripts are used by reading the configuration file. This may run Operating System Scan, Ping Scan , Port Scan or Script Scan.
  • Screen scan – Screen Scan is used to get screenshots of web sites/applications by using directives in config file (flashlight.yaml). Directives in this file provide screen scan for four ports (“80, 443, 8080, 8443”)
  • Filtering – Filtering option is used to analyse pcap files. This will list Windows host or Top 10 DNS requests.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/galkan/flashlight

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