First Tool to Crack Microsoft BitLocker Encryption

security_-_unlock_encryptionPassware Company has introduced the first commercial software solution that offer a way to Crack files encrypted by BitLocker system. Microsoft released this advanced tool for a full hard drive encryption system and it has integrated it in windows Vista and made it also available on Windows 7 and Windows Server2008.

We already listed on a previous post the enhancement in Microsoft Windows7 ( Windows 7 overall security improvement )and you can find among the improvement the BitLocker tool that is provided by Microsoft.

Passware Kit Forensic 9.5 recovers encryption keys for hard disks, secure Technology and BitLocker. the way that this software work is by scanning HD image searching for cryptographic keys and decrypt the image to make it in a clear file.

Now the Software is available in several versions and there is a mobile version that gives user the ability to have it on a USB stick and use it directly on the desired machine without leaving any trace on it. This is not all because this tool also offers 8 different password recovery attacks (Dictionary , Brute-force, Xieva , Known Password/Part , Previous Passwords, Decryptum, SureZip , Join Attacks, and Append Attacks) these 8 types gives the user a way to customize the desired attack according to the type of file and available information so it reduces the Time of operation.

Currently the tool supports 180 types of file and allows users to restore PGP-archives and virtual disks passwords. The program compatible with Windows 7/VISTA/2003/XP and 2008 server.

you can find more details on the official webstie.

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