Finjan report “Your PC might be traded online– without you knowing about it!”


Finjan security provider has published a report for a Botnets trading platform. On this platform which is called “Golden Cash” criminals can buy and sell botnets online .Prices vary depending on the location of Botnet. At this report you can find good examples concerning the prices and demands of botnet like in Australia for 1000 infected computer you just have to pay $ 500 and on the same platform “Golden Cash” Criminals can also purchase orders for specific sizes , regions and wait for offers.

According to the report In order to increase the number of botnets, the Golden Cash server installs an FTP grabber to steal credentials used by the computers to run Web sites, and gives the server control over additional legitimate Web sites. Approximately 100,000 domains from around the world were among the stolen FTP credentials.

Finjan shared the technical analyses on there blog and also you can find the report here.

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