FileLife Keep your File in Control

Data leakage is a problem that we face at any corporate environment, I remember a case at a Television where a team prepared an interview with a political person, this interview have been saved on the shared server and was planned to be displayed on next week.

After this big work in montage and time consumed the interview accidently was displayed on a concurrent channel before the owner even displays it. Here we have to act seriously about our data if we have a similar effort we need to encrypt this file and add authentication to be sure that only the owner have access to this file. New innovative solution that you can consider for data leakage prevention is FileLife.

“FileLife™ is a revolutionary product that ensures all sensitive files remain protected and in control throughout the entire lifecycle, regardless of where files reside. FileLife’s file-sharing security and protection solution will allow users to secure every file they share using strong, industry standard encryption. Additionally, users will be able to assign specific permissions to each file, ensuring that the file isn’t shared with unwanted viewers. FileLife™ features enhanced rights management by limiting file actions such as saving, printing, copying and pasting.

From endpoint to endpoint, your sensitive information is continuously protected, controlled and tracked using the most advance file protection system on the market.


  • File visibility and awareness with Geolocate
  • File integrity and security both locally and in the cloud
  • Remote file ‘kill switch’ and control at your fingertips
  • Customize each recipient’s permissions and roles
  • Create and manage groups and organizational privileges
  • Secure online file storage and collaboration

FileLife will be inviting users to participate in this “one time only” program offer. The first 1000 eligible participants to register for this offer will receive a free one-year subscription and will be entered into our drawing to win a FREE iPad2. All other eligible users will receive a 40% product purchase discount and will also be entered into our drawing to win the FREE iPad2.” (1)



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