FIFA World Cup 2014 used for spreading malwares

FIFA events generate a lot of attention for all types of activities including cyber crime. many people are now following the World Cup news in Brazil and searching where it is possible to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup. TrendMicro security researchers spotted a new backdoor that is packed in .rar file called Jsc Sport Live + Brazil World Cup 2014 HD.rar.  the archive contain an executable file that creates a remote access to cyber criminal and allow them having a full control on victim machine.

Using zipped files is a technique facilitate bypassing security software and makes the executable not detected by antiviruses. The malware allow to take screenshot on infected desktop to see what the victim is running on his screen. this is not the only case related to FIFA World Cup reported on the blog post as attackers also targeting gamers by spreading a claimed key generator for cracking Football games which actually run an adware on victim machine.

FIFA-malicious-pageFake website sourced from TrendMicro Hosting the Keygen

The third case is a last year phishing campaign claims to provide a promotional offer for FIFA World Cup 2014 but it is actually comes to steal credit card credential and sensitive information from victims. If you see similar cases ignore the links and files while make sure to keep your antivirus updated to have the appropriate protection against these threats.

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