Faraday – Collaborative Penetration Test Platform

Faraday introduces a new concept – IPE (Integrated Penetration-Test Environment) a multiuser Penetration test IDE. Designed for distributing, indexing, and analyzing the data generated during a security audit. The framework was made to let you take advantage of the available tools in the community in a truly multiuser way.

Faraday crunches the data you load into different visualizations that are useful to managers and pentesters alike.

Faraday - Collaborative Penetration Test and Vulnerability Management Platform
Faraday – Collaborative Penetration Test and Vulnerability Management Platform

Some of the features with this framework:

  • Workspaces – Information is organized into various Workspaces. Each Workspace contains a pentest team’s assignments and all the intel that is discovered.
  • Agents – Agents Dispatcher helps user develop integrations with written in any language. Agents collects information from different network location using different tools.
  • Plugins – There are three kinds of plugins available for Faraday; console, report and API also called online. However, these are not mutually exclusive, meaning that some tools have more than one Plugin to process their output. For example, Nmap has a Console plugin which allows you to run it directly from ZSH, but it also has a Report one, in order to import scans that were run outside of Faraday. The framework supports more than 70 plugins.
  • CSV Exporting – The framework supports CSV Exporting from its WEB UI.

You can read more and download this framework over here: https://github.com/infobyte/faraday

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