Fake YouTube Pages Spreading Malware

Researchers at eSoft Threat Prevention Team have discovered thousands of fake websites that looks like YouTube. The website contains video which leads to installing a downloader Trojan with a less than 20% detection rate according to Virus Total.

The site is looking very closely to Youtube with a high quality to make it looks legitimate and trick victims. Cybercriminals exploit the trust of users in youtube video hosting to have as much as possible of machine.

The pages contain some “Hot Video”, like Want to see a revealing video about the Gulf oil spill in Mexico or the NBA Finals?

This will attract victims so they agree to install the malicious application with a big possibility that the Antivirus even do not suspect in this file.

According to the eSoft Threat Prevention Team, there are now over 135,000 such sites sprouting up all over the Web this can be found by Google search engine. So do not trust websites and try as much as possible to update your antivirus definition with use web filters to detect and prevent these threats.

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