Fake Software Updates Infecting Computers

New malware has been observed by Vietnamese computer security company Bach Khoa, The Malicious software overwrites programs update to bypass antivirus software.

W32.Fakeupver.trojan is the name of this new Trojan, first what the malware do is replacing automatic update system process for Adobe, Java, Deep Freeze or even Windows operating system to trick AntiMalware. By executing the Malware it will open services: DHCP client, DNS client, Network share and open port to receive hacker’s commands.

The malware can get to any system over the email, instant messengers or infected website. Once the computer gets infected attacker will be able to take control of the infected machine.

Currently to avoid being a victim for this Malware it is important to update all applications installed on the Operating system and the OS itself and make sure to have the latest antivirus definition.

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