Fake Facebook Site Stealing Financial Information

TrendMicro alerting about a new phishing attack that is targeting Facebook mobile users and aims to steal credit cards information. Scammers have created a very similar web page to Facebook mobile. First the page will ask for victim’s login and password and when victim insert any value it will prompt him to a security question page.

Next the user will be redirected to a third page that will ask for credit cards details. These pages are usually prepared to be used later by cybercriminal so they send emails or SMS with the malicious link or they post these URLs over chat, instant messaging, or social network so they collect credentials.

Facebook-phishingvsreal-pagFake and legitimate Facebook mobile page spotted by TrendMicro

It is very important that you be careful with emails that are directly asking for financial personal information, if you have such a request it is better that you call your bank asking for assistance about any similar link or email.

Keep your browser updated with all security patches and use security software that integrate security toolbar for verifying any website you are visiting. These toolbars may help you in detecting and alerting about suspicious link that is used by cybercriminals.

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