Fake Evernote Extension found in Google chrome store

Security researchers at Malwarebytes are alerting of a new evernote fake application that infect users and install trojan on the operating system. the plugin will add a web extension on Google chrome , Torch, and Comodo Dragon browsers. usually any user can search for extensions in the chrome store and he will find the application he needs for adding more functionality on the web browser.

The plugin claims to be the legitimate  Evernote.com but it is called “Evernote Web,” to make it similar to the real extension. clicking on the plugin will not take user to the login page of evernote but instead it will run malicious java script that makes user get several annoying advertisements and take victim to install malicious programs.

fake_evernote_chrome_storeFake evernote extension at chrome store sourced Malwarebytes

37  out of 54 security programs identify the extension to be an adware but the problem is not only in the advertisement because many malicious plugin are used to spy on users navigation to have victim browser history and then can be sold in the black market. The best way for protecting your system is by installing all security patches that will fix vulnerabilities on your system, Use security software with up to date signature definition and make sure that the security software scans your web navigation to stop any threat at an early stage.

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